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What to do in case of an accident:

Based on the type of insurance purchased, your insurance agent or claims representative will determine the coverage entitled to you. Once the insurance company has been properly notified, they have six business days to inspect your vehicle. If more damage is observed upon dismantling your vehicle, two additional days are allotted for re-inspection. Always remember your adjuster must negotiate in good faith with us.


You are entitled to a prompt, fair settlement to repair your car to its pre-accident condition. This includes parts of like, kind and quality equal to original equipment.


Keep in mind, despite your agent's suggestions, THEY CANNOT DICTATE WHERE YOUR VEHICLE SHOULD BE REPAIRED or inspected.


Insurance agents may try to steer you to one of its drive-in service centers or direct repair shops, but you ARE NOT REQUIRED to choose one of those options. If you have a preferred shop and would like them to conduct negotiations with the insurance company on your behalf, you can leave your car for the adjuster to inspect at the shop. If you do not have a local or preferred repair shop, you maintain the right to shop around for the best rate.


Please call us directly for a free consultation. (914) 963-5339

You Have Choices:

Do not be misled by ANY insurance company. Know your rights!

  • -You have the right to have your car inspected and repaired in the shop of YOUR CHOICE.

  • - You do not have to shop around for more than one estimate.

  • - Your insurance company works for you. You pay their salary, you own the car, and you are the boss.


Beware of shops that are "insurance company recommended." They might have deals in place to fix your car at a discounted rate to keep insurance costs low.


While agents can help you navigate auto policies, some may not have your best interest at heart. Often, large auto and home insurers use "contingent commissions" to compensate agents who sell their policies. They generally fall into two categories of fees: "steering" commissions for signing customers with a particular carrier, and profit-basedĀ commissions for clients that don't often file costly claims. The concern with the former is that unscrupulous agents push certain policies to reap larger commissions; with the latter, they might delay or discourage claims.


Please call us directly for a free consultation on handling insurance claims. (914) 963-5339

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